Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Today was killer. Plyometrics. The goal is to keep your body in as much pain as possible. It was effective in that regard.

But it still was enjoyable. It is really helping me to have someone there next to me who is actually pretty good at the exercises. I always feel like I am doing every move wrong, or not doing it as effectively as it should be done. And so, I ask her and she always manages to figure out what is wrong and fixes it! It's wonderful! Personal trainer workout partner!

The stretching is always the best part, both at the beginning and the end. I am very inflexible. I cannot touch my toes and my hamstrings are ridiculously tight. So tonight, Candice helped stretch me out and held my leg up as I pushed against her hand to really work out the tightness. Then, she would push my leg a little but further up and repeat the cycle. I think that this will actually make me a normal limber person, instead of my tight stiff body that I live in now.

I did not make it to the store to get the rest of the exercise equipment, nor have the pictures to show how I look now. But that is because it takes us soooo long to get through the workouts! We started at roughly 5:45 and ended at 7:45. Yes, I know that these are hour long videos, but we hit pause, work on our form, stretch for as long as we need. And that takes time.

I will have more time tomorrow to get my workout essentials because tomorrow is recovery day. And I am so looking forward to it! Lots of stretching and working out all of the sore areas we have. Lovely!

Now time for some dinner at 8:21 at night. Yikes!

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